Best Dirt Motorcycle Boots – Motocross Boots for Racing and Dirt Biking

Motocross boots do more than just look cool when you are blasting around the trails or hitting up the jumps on the track. Motocross footwear needs to have more protection, soles that grip foot pegs, absorb shock, and prevent your legs from hyper-extension, much more than casual dirt biking boots. Motocross boots are more susceptible to rocks, debris, and as falls are regularity in racing, they need to be tough enough to withstand heat and a couple of hundred pounds of machine possibly landing on them. With innovative designs and seriously impressive technology, the best motorcycle boots for Motocross Racing and Dirt Bike Riding need to perform effectively, becoming an extension of your feet and legs, while offering the best protection from injury.

Dirt Motorcycle boots still need to offer protection but for the average user they need to have good thermal protection and be more comfortable. Exhaust burns and shin protection from the serrated metal foot pegs are of most importance. By looking for the top name brands that have been in the moto business for many years, you will know you are buying into their reputation of producing top quality incredible MX boots.

Boots for Dirt Motorcycle Riding and MX Boots Features

Both types of footwear require some form of protection. From the extreme strong toe to heel stamped steel shank to specially formed heel areas which are designed not to let the rear of the foot be twisted which can cause serious injury, for example from a heavy landing or if the bike runs over you. There needs to be sufficient thermal protection to prevent exhaust or engine casing burns which can strip skin with only the briefest of touches.

So much research and design go into producing motorcycle footwear that finding the best one to suit your needs is simple. If you are generally a dirt bike rider who hits the trails and prefers comfort, there are many boots available. Look for comfort, design, protection, and maneuverability. If you are into motocross racing you need to look for all of the above; comfortable full length boots that are lightweight yet super study, offer the best protection and ventilation, have strong buckles, ability to grip foot pegs, steel inserts and sections that can be replaced due to heavy use and wear.

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Cape Town’s Best Hiking, Walking and Biking Trails

Make the most of Cape Town’s great outdoors with these fantastic walking and biking trails, where you can really immerse yourself in the stunning surrounding landscapes. Slackpacking is the new craze that lets you do the hike while your backpack and all the other things that make you feel like a pack mule are transported on your behalf to the next rest stop. Cooked meals can even be arranged at the end of a day’s journey! Or perhaps a guide, to ensure you don’t get lost or miss out on interesting things along the way! With slackpacking trails, ranging from two to six day treks, there’s something for every hiker and biker!


The Table Mountain Trail Cape Town

Spend up to six days exploring Table Mountain. Experience spectacular views over Table Bay, the Atlantic coastline, False Bay; all the way to Cape Point. You can go up the mountain with the cable car to catch a sunset and be one of the few people who can say they’ve watched a panoramic sunrise from 1085 metres above the city of Cape Town!

The Oystercatcher Trail Garden Route, Mossel Bay to the Gourits River

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The Adventurous Mountain Biking

Since a long time, mountain biking has been ultimate adventure interest of all age groups. If you have heard someone saying, “It is as simple as riding a bike” then it was surely not about riding off the road, on the rocks and through the tough tracks, which is mostly loved by Mountain bike. If you are a beginner, it is very important for you to feel the adventure not only in your heart, but in your mind too and that” why; Mountain biking considered as a serious mind game. You need to be physically and mentally tough for this as you may be biking on some of the most difficult tracks in the worst climatic and environmental conditions. That is the whole essence of being a mountain biker.

To begin with this amazing challenge, you need a sturdy mountain bike and a helmet. Your mountain bike needs to be strong to withstand the huge wear and tear of riding tracks, and it should have wider, thicker and knobbier tyres. The best mountain bike will have front, and rear suspensions to absorb the bumps and to allow the tires to stick to the ground for better control of the mountain bike.

Once you are geared up with the strongest bike and safest helmet let”s now explore the top three mountain biking locations for beginners.

1. Moab Utah
This location is based in the Western United States and is hyped as having the highest and greatest mountain trails and terrain. The variety of trails available here promises a fantastic time to bikers of any level. Moab”s Slickrock trails are the most suitable for beginners. There are countless options like Klondike Bluffs and Intrepid Trail System offer technically easy rides. The other moderately technical options may include Sovereign and Amasa. No matter what your level is, it is important to keep in mind that you will be riding in the desert. The heat, sweat and climatic humidity may lead to heat related illness. So, come prepared with ample water stock.

2. Fruita, Colorado
Located in the western Colorado, Fruita is a high desert. It has to offer miles of most amazing mountain biking experience with gigantic views of Grand Valley Basin. However, the steep climb, chute and ladders are for intermediate to expert level mountain bikers, but beginners can have no less of thrill with beautiful landscapes of Fruita while paddling and spinning on the 18 road trails.

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The Mountain Biking Benefits Of Clipless Pedals

If you’re a mountain biking and are riding in sneakers and toe clips, you may want to consider making the upgrade to mountain biking shoes and clipless pedals. Here are three reasons why clipless pedals will make your next ride safer, more efficient and more comfortable.

You’ll notice instant efficiency gains when moving to a clipless system. While most mountain biking shoes don’t have soles as stiff as road cycling shoes, they are much stiffer than a running shoe. The more a shoe flexes, the more energy from the legs is lost. A clipless system allows better energy transfer through a more rigid platform and more precise foot placement. You don’t have to worry about your feet being properly positioned on the pedals because the cleats force you into the optimal position.

Once you get the hang of clipping-in and clipping-out, you’ll find clipless pedals to be safer than toe clips. Toe clips have a tendency to snag your feet in a fall and are difficult to get out of in a pinch. That said, there is a learning curve with clipless pedals and you’ll probably fall a few times before you get the feel of twisting your foot to clip-out. However, once you’ve become accustomed to that motion, it becomes second nature when you have to bail at the last second. If for some reason you don’t have time to clip-out before a crash, you’ll probably disengage from the force of fall if you don’t have the cleat tension set too high. If you’re nervous about a tricky section of trail, you can also use the pedal platform without clipping in. Some pedals have wider platforms specifically for this use.

If you’ve ever hammered the pedals for an hour or so in sneakers, you’ve probably felt some soreness and fatigue in your feet. This can result from the constant flexing of the foot and improper positioning of the foot on the pedal. Mountain bike shoes are made for this very specific foot motion and are built to keep your feet comfortable pedal stroke after pedal stroke. You wouldn’t run five miles in stiff mountain bike shoes, so why would you hit the single-track in running shoes?

If most of your rides are two and from the coffee shop and are less than two miles, it may not make sense to go with clipless pedals. However, with the discussed considerations in mind, it makes sense for many recreational mountain bikers to ditch the sneakers and toe clips in favor of mountain bike shoes and clipless pedals.


Mountain Biking Pads For Advanced Safety While Riding Downhill

Although mountain biking is not a contact sport, riding through the uneven and steep trails of mountain involves a lot of risk. Hence, it is important for a mountain bike rider to take care of his own safety. In addition to helmets and padded shorts, mountain bike pads are also an important means of protection for any rider. While the most basic mountain biking pads are elbow pads, knee pads, shin guards, and shoulder pads, several other pads are also available that you can select based on your requirements.

Using good quality mountain biking pads can help in reducing the severity of the injuries caused due to accidents; especially while driving at high speeds or uncontrolled driving downhill. Some of the common materials that are used in making of mountain biking pads include foam rubber, plastic, polyurethane, fiberglass and other synthetic materials. However, different types of mountain biking pads manufactured by different companies may or may not have a similar composition. Thus prices of these pads may vary largely depending upon the materials used in making them as well as their brands.

Mountain biking pads use Velcro adhesives to guarantee a custom fit for every biker. In earlier days, laces and snap-fasteners were used to keep the pads in place but now Velcro adhesives allow faster donning and removal of the pads.

In case you are riding the bike in a limited and known area you will need only the basic pads. Whereas, if you love to perform stunts or in the circumstances when there are significant danger in the terrain, it is recommended to go for a full body covering. You may then also need knee and elbow pads, gloves, shin guards, chest guard, helmets and padded shorts. While using mountain biking pads, you must remember that they can only save you from injuries and scratches during falls, but they cannot completely protect you from fractures or impact of fall depending upon its severity.

Nowadays, many protection companies also take care of the color and design of the mountain biking pads. They are available in a variety of colors and designs and also some pads have patterns embedded over them. Due to the growing popularity of mountain biking and increased demand of mountain biking pads, more and more companies are designing better versions of mountain biking pads. These mountain biking are certainly successful in tackling with the safety issues of the mountain bike rider to a great extent.