Mountain Biking Introduction

Interested In Learning About Mountain Biking and mountain biking Protective Gear and accessories?

Mountain biking is a fantastic sport. It is, however, classed as an extreme sport, which means that it carries some great risks and dangers with it. One thing that you will hence need besides a good mountain bikes and an idea of where to go, is protective gear. This article hopes to help you gain some knowledge on what you need and why, thereby ensuring that your mountain biking experience will be enjoyable and safe.

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking “” Essential mountain biking protective gear

Firstly, the most essential part of all your mountain biking protective gear is the helmet. It should have a snug fit and sit level on your head. It should not get in the way of your vision, nor should it cover the top of your ears. Most mountain bikers also choose to wear gloves when mountain biking. These aren”t necessarily essential but will certainly increase your comfort levels and will offer the skin on your hands a measure of protection if you were to fall.

Of course, you will also need maintenance equipment for your bike, including a pump, a multi tool and a puncture repair kit. Sun glasses are also quite essential, particularly because the sun can blind you but also because there may be a lot of mud splashing up into your face, and you don”t want this to get into your eyes. Next, most people invest in cycling tops. Just like gloves, these offer a measure of protection but they mainly offer comfort when mountain biking. Similarly, you may want to purchase cycling shorts or tights. Always make sure you have a bottle of water with you as well. Lastly, invest in a good pair of sports socks so your feet are comfortable and protected from moist.

Mountain biking Protective Gear

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Occasions To Celebrate With Quad Biking

Quad biking is a fun-filled high octane way to celebrate any event or special occasion. Get the adrenaline pumping as you head off on a quad safari in the great outdoors with a group of friends or colleagues who are all in the mood for a party. Here are just a few of the special occasions you could use as an excuse to book a quad biking experience.

Stag parties: Where stag parties were once about booze, strippers, and humiliating the groom, the grooms last taste of freedom is now more about action and adventure. Quad biking is a superb choice for a stag party as it suits both small and large groups alike and you get to celebrate the ultimate pairing; man and machine! Just remember to keep off the beers until youve finished the quad biking element of the stag party.

Hen parties: Its not just the guys that want a piece of the quad biking action. Fed up with spas and shopping, many hen party groups are now looking for something a little more adventurous to do before they head out for the evenings entertainment. Quad safaris are suitable for complete beginners as youll get a safety briefing and practise session at the start, so youre sure to have a great time even if youve never even sat on a quad bike before.

Corporate events: Whether you want to reward your team for landing that big account or you want to show your appreciation of a colleague whos leaving the company, quad biking is an enjoyable activity that can bring mixed work groups together outside of the constraints of the workplace. It doesnt necessarily need to be a team building event, just a bit of a laugh in the mud with people who only usually see you in a tailored business suit.

Birthday parties: Whatever your age youll feel young at heart when you venture out on a quad biking experience for your birthday. Perfectly suited to anyone from the age of 11 and up, you can buy the birthday boy or girl quad biking vouchers as a birthday gift that can be redeemed against a quad safari. Gather together your best mates or close relations and hit the tracks.

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Women Taking Up Mountain Biking Seriously

Is cycling a sport just for men? No not at all. Looking at the changing cultures and evolving of integrated thinking, it is natural for even women to consider cycling as a sport like every other sport. Women have made their mark in many spheres and still continue to conquer. Even the realms of the cycling world have witness the women power handling the handle bars of the cycle not just on roads, even on the tracks on the hilly terrain. The spirit to achieve is what drives them to focus on the end point and to reach there as early as possible. Road biking definitely saw women cyclists making through the lanes, but they have taken up mountain biking too as a sport. Undoubtedly, mountain biking requires a lot of pressure to be exerted on and as women were not considered in the league of taking up physical tasks before, now that old fact is overrun by the new fact of women considering mountain biking seriously.

Cycle companies design and develop cycles for every age group and for varied body types; it may be men or women. While creating cycles for women, cycle companies need to keep many aspects in mind so that it suits various body types of women, since it does vary a lot from that of men. The frame of the cycle and the operation does matter, since physicality does matter with regard to cycling. Initially, women took up cycling as a medium of exercise. Since exercise was the factor that kept women on their toes, since shaping up the body and staying slim was the motive of every woman. Therefore, they considered cycling as the best option. Once they took up to cycling, they understood the various benefits it offered to them to not just shape their body, even to keep fit always.

Especially, for the women who found not time between the busy schedules of their working hours, taking care of the home and the daily needs, cycling was considered as the best devise that would provide them good exercise which they needed the most along with the option of shaping up their body structure. Since cycling offers good cardiac exercise, the interest for cycling grew amongst women, hence made them take up cycling more seriously, and this is when road biking and mountain biking came into consideration. It definitely surprised many, when women took up mountain biking. But it is the fact now, that women are creating history in this particular sport and cycle companies are manufacturing cycles especially for them after a lot of research done on the needs required by the women cyclists for this sport. Bicycle companies develop well designed bikes for women, with many elements taken into consideration, like power, cycle frame, color, height etc. for smooth and comfortable movement.


Bicycle Clothing for Perfect Biking Experience

Right clothing and equipment is required for enjoyable cycling experience. Unlike any other sports wear, cycling apparel is also made to provide comfort during the riding. These apparel are designed and made for different cycling and biking experiences like road biking, mountain biking, tandem cycling, recumbent riding, track racing, free style, downhill biking, touring riding, ice biking and indoor cycling. The bicycle clothing may consists of cycling shorts (fitted shorts, baggy shorts and bib shorts), jerseys, rain gear, base layer clothing, helmets, gloves, shoes, socks and headgear.

Cycling shorts can be in the form of fitted shorts, baggy shorts and bib shorts and designed to improve the comfort level and efficiency while cycling. These shorts are mostly made from nylon spandex fabric which has great stretch and durability. Spandex is also mixed with other yarns such as polyester which provides breathability and protects the skin of the legs from repetitive friction against the bicycle seat or frame. These shorts help in evaporating the moisture from the skin to prevent rashin of the skin and reduces wind resistance by increasing aerodynamic efficiency. Generally, these shorts have a padded stretch liner built inside which helps in wicking moisture and preventing chafing. The pads are mostly made from several layers of polar fleece and can vary in thickness. Fitted biking shorts are made in 4 panels, 6 panels and 8 panels and allow the grament to be contoured to fit the body in the cyling position. The more the number of panels, the more curvature can be allowed for the body. Bib shorts are held by braces or suspenders instead of elastic waistbands. The bib shorts are meant for tall riders and riders with protruding stomachs because its suspenders holds the back part of the shorts, where as, the regular shorts can tand to fall down from the back while riding. The elastic waistbands are not used because they hold the body tightly resulting in chafing and discomfort.

Most of the cycling jerseys are made from polyester or polyester blend fabric that have the ability to wick away moisture and allow breathability. Wearing a polyester t-shirt or other technical fabric made garment under the jersey is always a better option for layering. Another important function of the jersey is to carry the useful articles in the pockets along with you when you are riding. Zippers on the front part of the jersey helps in controlling the ventilation by adjusting the zipper as and when required. Other useful componenets of bicycle clothing include

1. Helmets for preventing any serious head injuries and ensuring safety while riding.

2. Gloves for providing padding and protecting hands from cold or getting scraped and helping in absorbing road shock.

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Know Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a very enjoyable sport. You get to exercise and see the countryside at the same time. If you enjoy going outdoors and wish to get a form of exercise, too, you should get a bike and go mountain biking.

A mountain bike is technically different from a road bike and a BMX. Mountain biking tires are usually fat tires with knobbies which makes it easier for them to go up mountains and traverse rough roads. The knobbies virtually grip the loose rock and rough roads to go faster compared to a road bike’s smooth tires. A road bike’s tires are specifically designed to run faster on a smooth road. The frame or body of the mountain bike is also larger and sometimes heavier than a road bike. This is due mainly to all the pressure it gets from the rider who exerts effort to go faster on a rough road. Mountain biking parts are not as light weight as the road bike parts although some frames and components have gotten lighter over the years.

There are many varieties of mountain bikes available. Some are astoundingly expensive while others are purely functional. The average price of a professional mountain biker’s bike could be approximately $2,000 – $3,000. This is a very modest estimate of the price. Some after market parts cost around that range too. Mountain bikes usually have shock absorbers or suspension for the rough terrain. The shocks are usually found in the front end of the bike while there are other shocks which are located near or just below base of the seat post. The preference of the rider dictates whether there will be rear or front suspension on his bike.

Mountain biking also helps to form your legs, upper body and buttocks. The upper body usually exerts control over the rough terrain thus making the arms and biceps well exercised as well. The amount of calories and energy that you burn when you are out mountain biking is great. Although, the way you ride is also a factor to how much weight you lose and how trim you are. Some bikers just pedal around rough terrain without improving their speed and endurance. Mountain biking is an ideal sport for both men and women. It promotes cardiovascular exercise which is great for our hearts and it maintain sour body as long as you bike at least 2 to 3 times a week.

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